CTOs: How to Choose a Generative AI Tech Stack for Your Data

“How do we get ChatGPT to work with our data?” 

This is the question that has been asked of almost every tech leader in the last 6 months. The answer to that question differs depending on: size of data, regulatory requirements, privacy, budgets, and internal AI skills. This guide aims to be a starting point for tech decision makers trying to understand which Generative AI tools fit the needs of their organizational data.  

KMST CTO Whitepaper


You'll Learn About:

  • The best tools for common use cases
  • Protecting your IP and sensitive data
  • Leveraging embeddings
  • Evaluating the strongest tech stack for your business

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Meet the Author:

Milan Luketic is a current Solutions Architect and former CTO with vast experience in implementing innovative technology solutions. Milan extensively utilizes and consults on emerging technology, machine learning, and generative AI.